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Plain, polished and decorative plasterwork services

Based in the Scottish Highlands

Some of our Lime Plasterwork is shown below.

Ardkeen Tower built in the early 1800s as an observatory, is a prominent B-listed landmark in Inverness.
Having had the domed roof releaded, and external stonework pointed attention was turned to the internal lime plasterwork.

Condition of plasterwork prior to stripping out. At some point a gypsum cornice had been run to replace original lime, the gypsum was totally unsuitable for the structure of the building as can be seen from the picture.

Having stripped out the old lath and plaster the dome was re-lathed with chestnut riven lath.
Walls were traditionally strapped and
relathed ready for lime plaster.
A central pole was fixed in position
to work plaster in the round.

Template being worked off pole, to
plaster domed ceiling in coarse stuff.
Domed ceiling with finished coat applied and scotch brackets fixed prior to cornice being run.

Cornice being run in coarse stuff.
Completed run in-situ cornice with
finished domed ceiling above.
Finished lime plaster walls.
Completed lime plasterwork to walls,
cornice and domed ceiling.

Photographs show various stages of lime plasterwork to Erciless ‘B’ listed castle in Scottish Highlands which had suffered major flood damage.

Sawn lath to walls, riven lath to ceiling. Riven lath prior to plastering providing superior key for plaster rather than sawn lath.

Sawn lath.
Scratchcoat applied onto lath. Floating coat ready for final coat. Lime plaster - finishing coat being applied.

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