Experteva Plain Polished and Decorative Plasterwork
              Services near Inverness in Highlands of Scotland
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Plain, polished and decorative plasterwork services

Based in the Scottish Highlands

Venetian polished plaster is made largely from fine marble aggregates and aged lime putty. Various effects can be achieved. Venetian Polished Plaster is available in a limitless choice of colour, and looks stunning anywhere in the home. Venetian plaster can be applied onto existing plastered or plasterboard walls and ceilings. Thickness varies from 0.5mm to 1.5mm depending on the desired finish. Polished plaster can be applied to virtually any wall or surfaces in your home or office: producing a truly unique hand-worked finish that exudes warmth and character. Bathrooms and particularly wetrooms benefit from Venetian plaster: the seamless finish of polished plaster is both hygienic - being lime based - and virtually maintenance free.

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